Create The Most Memorable Pictures of the Best Parties

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At the end of the day, what remains of the greatest and most important events that you may plan, host, or attend, are what is retained in your mind, and those that are captured forever with the lens of a camera.

While the professional cameraman generally needs to be retained, especially in the case of important events such as weddings, or even corporate events, for more casual events such as birthdays, anniversaries, kid’s parties, Christmas parties and indeed, any other type of gathering that can be organized, you may not need to incur the high costs of retaining a professional to capture those important moments of the event.

The concept of a photo booth rental in Sydney is not particularly novel or unheard of in the party and event organizing circles.

A cubic box with space for as many as a small group of people to crowd into, and a fun array of props such as funny spectacles, tiaras, feather boas, wigs, arrows and of course, speech bubbles, thought bubbles and other call outs for your guests to choose from, is supplied with all of our photobooth rentals. Should you have more theme or event specific props that you would wish to feature, we would be glad to provide these for your event as well.

They can be made use of at any event which would have at a minimum a touch of lightheartedness, and one of which you want to retain some great memories. These cubicles will be set up on your premises in a very short time, and come fully equipped with the appropriate lighting, the camera of course, and even with other built in features should you so desire. These additional features include instant printing, so that your guests can take their pictures home with them, and also the option of sharing their pictures instantly with their friends and family on whichever mainstream social media network that they frequent. What could be better?

We have found that a picture (which is proverbially worth a thousand words) makes one of the nicest souvenirs for a guest to take home with them. It is also surprisingly economical, doesn’t take up much space, and is possibly the single most individualized and personal gift that you can give to another.

We are operational in Sydney, and will provide for you the best in quality and service when it comes to pictures, cubicles, props, printouts and other features in order to help you turn your party or event in to the most memorable one that your guests have ever attended.

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