4 Wedding Favours Your Guests Will Treasure And Use

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Wedding favors are a distinctive gesture of expressing gratitude to guests that partake of the occasion. Couples go the extra mile to personalize wedding favours so invitees can reminisce about the celebration of a milestone, even years later.
From the ancient practice of giving bejeweled trinket boxes that enclosed sugar cubes, to five sugar coated almonds swaddled in luxurious fabric symbolizing Happiness, Longevity, Fertility, Health and Wealth: customized wedding favours are now an integral part of weddings world over.
But why spend on something guests will most probably shove in a dingy corner a day or two after the wedding? Here are suggestions for wedding favours that your guests will think twice before disposing. The list is endless, but here are four that topped the list.
Reusable Wedding Cake Boxes
Wedding Cake boxes come in an assortment of shapes, sizes and colours. Themed weddings especially, would essentially have tailor-made boxes that are on par with the theme. Inspired by the ancient bejeweled trinket boxes, cake boxes are now made of light steel or glass so they can be used to store dainty pieces of jewellery, candles, clips or even spices. These can therefore come in handy in any part of the house – the kitchen, living room or dressing room!

Taking photographs
While a photograph of the couple remains one of those timeless wedding mementos, photographs taken at a photo booth are now increasingly popular. In a virtual era where photographs are often only displayed or merely scrolled through on the screens of a smartphone, PC or camera, a tangible keepsake of an occasion shared with loved ones is a rare kind of experience to the millennial.
In comparison to any other material item, memories are far more precious which is why instantly printed photo strips from a photo booth in Echuca, of loved ones in quirky poses holding equally quirky props will be valued for years to come.
Coasters as a reminder
Coasters made of glass, cork, tile or wood with the names of the bride and groom, monograms, acronyms or endearing quotes engraved or printed in cursive writing is a favourite among many-a- guest. They tend to serve as a daily reminder of the couple and the times shared in celebrating the threshold of a new journey of life.
Stemless Wine Glasses or Champagne Flutes
Handy stemless wine glasses or champagne flutes that nestle perfectly in the palm of your hand are again, one of those wedding favours that come in handy every now and then, even if it means housing a tiny succulent!

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